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Tanzania Photographic Safari

Tanzania Photographic Safari

Discover the Art of Wildlife Through the Lens with Great Pelican Safaris

Begin on a photography safari with Great Pelican Safaris, designed specifically for enthusiasts and professional photographers who are passionate about capturing the essence of East Africa’s breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. Our photography safaris are tailored to provide the best vantage points and optimal lighting conditions, ensuring you take home stunning images.

Tailored Photographic Journeys

Our safaris are led by professional guides knowledgeable in both wildlife behavior and photography. They provide insightful tips and support, whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or a seasoned photographer looking for that perfect shot. We cater to individual needs, ensuring each participant gets personalized attention.

Diverse Photographic Opportunities

From the majestic herds of the Serengeti during the Great Migration to the rare birds of Lake Manyara, our trips are planned according to seasons and animal movements. This attention to detail maximizes your opportunities to capture compelling wildlife scenes and the dramatic landscapes of Tanzania.

Comfort and Mobility

We equip our guests with specially modified vehicles that offer both comfort and flexibility. With features like open roofs and spacious seating, you can shoot from various angles without feeling cramped. Our small group sizes ensure that every photographer has ample space to work.

Post-Production Support

After a day in the wild, participate in our evening review sessions where you can share photos, receive feedback, and engage in discussions on techniques with fellow photographers. This collaborative environment fosters learning and improvement, enhancing your photographic skills.

Join Great Pelican Safaris

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary adventure, where every snapshot tells a story of nature’s wonders. Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio or simply capture memories of the rich African wilderness, our photography safaris promise an unforgettable experience.

Embrace the challenge of wildlife photography and return with not just photos, but stories worth telling. For more details and to book your journey, visit our website or contact our expert team. Let us help you capture the wild heart of Africa through your lens!

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